About the Centre for Communication Governance

The Centre for Communication Governance is the only academic research centre dedicated to working on the information law and policy in India and in a short span of four years has become a leading centre on information policy in Asia. It seeks to embed human rights and good governance within communication policy and protect digital rights in India through rigorous academic research and capacity building.

The Centre routinely works with a range of international academic institutions and policy organizations. These include the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University, the Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy at the University of Oxford, the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School, Hans Bredow Institute at the University of Hamburg and the Global Network of Interdisciplinary Internet & Society Research Centers. We engage regularly with government institutions and ministries such as the Law Commission of India, Ministry of Electronics & IT, Ministry of External Affairs, the Ministry of Law & Justice and the International Telecommunications Union. We work actively to provide the executive and judiciary with useful research in the course of their decision making on issues relating to civil liberties and technology.

CCG has also constituted two advisory boards, a faculty board within the University and one consisting of academic members of our international networks. These boards will oversee the functioning of the Centre and provide high level inputs on the work undertaken by CCG from time to time.

About Our Work

The work at CCG is designed to build competence and raise the quality of discourse in research and policy around issues concerning civil liberties and the Internet, cybersecurity and global Internet governance. The research and policy output is intended to catalyze effective, research-led policy making and informed public debate around issues in technology and Internet governance.

The work at CCG is primarily divided amongst two teams – the civil liberties team and the cybersecurity team.

The work of our civil liberties team covers freedom of speech & expression; access, markets and public interest; and privacy, surveillance & big data. Our work in the cybersecurity team aims to build a better understanding of cybersecurity issues in a
manner that balances legitimate security interests with human rights concerns.  Research spans the international laws applicable to cyber conflict, as well as questions relating to domestic and cross border cyber crime investigation, adjudication, and policy.

About our People

Our team has expanded over the past year, and includes the following:

Aditya Singh Chawla – Analyst, Civil Liberties

Arpita Biswas – Programme Officer, Civil Liberties

Chinmayi Arun – Executive Director

Chitra Laxman – Senior Administrator

Elizabeth Dominic – Programme Officer, Cybersecurity

Geetha Hariharan – Programme Officer, Cybersecurity

Preeti Raghunath – Project Manager, Cybersecurity

Sarvjeet Singh – Programme Manager, Civil Liberties

Shuchita Thapar – Project Manager, Cybersecurity

Smitha Krishna Prasad – Programme Manager, Civil Liberties

Suman Negi – Finance and Accounts


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