Supreme Court’s order on Kashmir internet shutdown: Judicial abdication or judicial restraint?

This post first appeared on Times of India on May 12, 2020 The Supreme Court on Monday pronounced its order in the Foundation of Media Professionals v. Union Territory of J&K (for the restoration of 4G services in Jammu and Kashmir). The Court did not allow for the restoration of services – nor did it engage with […]

The Anatomy of Internet Shutdowns – III (Post Script: Gujarat High Court Verdict)

Written by Nakul Nayak Earlier in this blog I had written at length about the legal backdrop in which any mobile Internet shutdown may be grounded and the constitutional questions surrounding Gujarat’s repeat application of this strategy as a public disorder shield in the Patidar reservation agitation. Three days back, the Gujarat High Court, in […]

The Anatomy of Internet Shutdowns – II (Gujarat & Constitutional Questions)

Written by Nakul Nayak In the last post I discussed the panoply of laws surrounding internet shutdowns in India and concluded that though there might be indirect regulatory connections to justify such shutdowns, they appear to be flimsy at best. In this post, I shall discuss the current internet shutdown in Gujarat in particular and whether these […]

The Anatomy of Internet Shutdowns – I (Of Kill Switches and Legal Vacuums)

Written by Nakul Nayak For the past four days, news reports have been flowing in about the shutdown of internet services in Gujarat. With the tense law and order situation prevalent over the Patirdar reservation protests, state government authorities have decided to block access to internet for citizens in Gujarat. However, conflicting reports about the […]

The Supreme Court’s Pegasus Order

This blog post has been authored by Shrutanjaya Bhardwaj. On 28th October 2021, the Supreme Court passed an order in the “Pegasus” case establishing a 3-member committee of technical experts to investigate allegations of illegal surveillance by hacking into the phones of several Indian citizens, including journalists. This post  analyses the Pegasus order. Analyses by […]

Supreme Court Verdict on 4G in Jammu and Kashmir Undermines the Rule of Law

The court agreed with the petitioners that the government was going against previously laid down principles – and then did nothing about it. By Shrutanjaya Bhardwaj This piece first appeared on the Wire on May 14, 2020 On May 11, the Supreme Court rejected a petition seeking the restoration of 4G internet services in the union territory of […]

[September 16-23] CCG’s Week in Review: Curated News in Information Law and Policy

Cybersecurity experts warned of a new ‘SIM jacking’ threat, the Kerala High Court recognizes a right to access internet as the internet shutdown in Kashmir entered its 50th day; more updates on the linkage of Aadhaar with voter IDs and social media as the Indian Army braces itself to adopt AI – presenting this week’s […]

[September 2-9] CCG’s Week in Review: Curated News in Information Law and Policy

This week, Delhi International Airport deployed facial recognition on a ‘trial basis’ for 3 months, landline communications were restored in Kashmir as the Government mulls over certification for online video streaming platforms like Netflix and PrimeVideo – presenting this week’s most important developments in law, tech and national security. Aadhaar [Sep 3] PAN will be […]